3 Amazing Window Cleaning Hacks that shouldn’t be skipped!

There is no doubt that window cleaning is crucial for keeping the overall look tidy. But the majority of households do not pay attention to the cleaning of windows which ultimately causes breathing issues. Do you believe that hiring window cleaners can prove costly? If so then why don’t you go for the DIY tips as you’ll need a few things only that will be easily available at home? Yes, it is true that common households can remove dust and stains from the windows without buying expensive tools from the market. Here in this blog, easy yet useful tips are explained so get your home tools ready for seeing a crystal clear shine of windows not only at the residential level but for commercial level too.

Use Soapy Water!

Soap is obviously a basic thing that is always available in all homes. Mix the soap into Luke warm water and prepare a mixture of both things. Now, fill the shower bottle with this mixture and spray all over the windows especially the hidden corners. This spray proves more than perfect for commercial window cleaning in Chelmsford as it doesn’t contain side effects. Now, leave the window for at least five minutes. Well, here, make sure to follow a crucial tip that all the sills and sashes should be cleaned with a dry cloth to remove dust before applying the spray otherwise it may create a muddy texture.

Do the Cleaning on a Sunny Day!

Now you may think that why choose a sunny day? Well, the stubborn stains and smallest particles of dust become clearer in the sunlight which means, you can remove the stains with great ease. More on, the sunlight helps for soaking the water and you won’t have to put extra energy.

Use Lemon and a Microfiber Cloth!

If you want effective commercial window cleaning in Chelmsford then lemon must be included in the list. Isn’t it amazing? Get two small lemons and mix the juice of lemons into the water. Now take a microfiber cloth and dip into the lemon water. Cleaning dirty stains with this cloth would prove helpful because lemon fights with stains and grease over the glass. More on, the best thing is that it relocks the shiny appeal of glass and provides a great crystal clear view.

The above tips are suggested for all who do not want to buy expensive window cleaners from the market. So, make sure to follow each step wisely.