These days, people show concern regarding the increase in interest rates because it is constantly going upwards. A minor change in the interest rate can affect the mortgage borrowers a lot. So, the mortgage experts in Bath are receiving the bulk of emails with the queries about the rate of interest. There is no doubt that such situations become tricky not only for mortgage borrowers but also for all who even apply for a simple loan. First of all, it is important to analyze how much your mortgage deal can get affected due to the fluctuation in the interest rate. Here, some relevant facts are discussed to let put light on this matter.

  • Variable Interest Rate can affect a lot!

The variable rate of interest can actually put your financial position in trouble. The increase in rate will lead to higher payments and you’ll have to pay a significant amount to the lender. You should try to keep in mind that variable rates go in the favour of lenders only. Do you really think that economic conditions stay stable for the whole year? It is never like that. A slighter up or down in the economic stability affects the interest rates. So, the mortgage deal will also get affected a lot.

  • Fixed Rate is good to go for Mortgage Borrowers!

The fixed rate of interest is the favourite plan of all brokers and whenever you’ll go to ask for the mortgage advice in Bath, you’ll hear about fixed rate. It doesn’t matter that whether the economy of a country faces boom, recession, or inflation, the fixed rate will prove good to lock in all cases. So, as now the interest rates are rising, fixed rate should be preferred over variable.

  • Go for Mortgage if it is your Intense Need!

If you are concerned about the constant rise in the interest rate then it will be a wise approach to hold on the idea of mortgage for a few days. However, if it seems vital to process the loan and provide a life jacket to the drowning business then, of course, holding on the mortgage plan won’t go in your favour. In short, it depends on the circumstances and so the best mortgage advice in Bath can prove helpful in such type of matter and you should definitely seek the assistance of a broker.

We all think lending large sums of money is a risk and no one wants to indulge their selves. We wish to minimize the risks; banks are incredibly attentive to checking the creditworthiness of customers. Though there are a lot of offers on the UK mortgage market today, banks often refuse to provide a loan due to several reasons. Most often, a mortgage cannot be received by individual entrepreneurs who do not have the status of a legal entity. This is because the income of this category of borrowers is practically not subject to verification. For the same reason, it would be rejected and otherwise, if you can confirm your income, then your chances will increase. In this blog, we are going to let you known the few reasons for mortgage refusal.

Those applicants for a loan are blacklisted who submit to the fake bank diplomas, employment records, false information about salary, place of employment, marital status. Even small differences can cause severe doubts about the decency of the recipient. Betraying the banks is impossible. Much more likely in this case to get into the blacklist. Mortgage Brokers in Northampton don’t do such things for application approval. They believe in the fair process and doesn’t matter how much longer it would be, but their relations won’t put you in long wait

The reason for the refusal in the mortgage can be a negative credit history, even if not in the bank where it is planned to receive the loan, as well as the presence of outstanding loans.

Low income

 It is essential for the bank that the borrower has the opportunity to repay the loan make timely payments in a certain amount, and let us say if you confirm the income of 500 dollars a month and the monthly payment is 600 dollars, then you will be refused. Here you can extend the loan term to reduce the amount of the monthly fee.

Education and profession

 This is a controversial point, but some banks consider it essential to have higher education as a kind of guarantee on the labor market and higher wages. Professions where paying a good salary on average in the market are more acceptable than low-paid and risky ones

Real estate

 It is very risky for a bank to lend real estate. It is more convenient for the bank to give credit for liquid objects that can be quickly sold in case of withdrawal from the debtor.

These are the few reasons for mortgage denial. Get the help of professional brokers. They would let you know about all the details rather than putting you in any trouble.