There is no doubt that window cleaning is crucial for keeping the overall look tidy. But the majority of households do not pay attention to the cleaning of windows which ultimately causes breathing issues. Do you believe that hiring window cleaners can prove costly? If so then why don’t you go for the DIY tips as you’ll need a few things only that will be easily available at home? Yes, it is true that common households can remove dust and stains from the windows without buying expensive tools from the market. Here in this blog, easy yet useful tips are explained so get your home tools ready for seeing a crystal clear shine of windows not only at the residential level but for commercial level too.

Use Soapy Water!

Soap is obviously a basic thing that is always available in all homes. Mix the soap into Luke warm water and prepare a mixture of both things. Now, fill the shower bottle with this mixture and spray all over the windows especially the hidden corners. This spray proves more than perfect for commercial window cleaning in Chelmsford as it doesn’t contain side effects. Now, leave the window for at least five minutes. Well, here, make sure to follow a crucial tip that all the sills and sashes should be cleaned with a dry cloth to remove dust before applying the spray otherwise it may create a muddy texture.

Do the Cleaning on a Sunny Day!

Now you may think that why choose a sunny day? Well, the stubborn stains and smallest particles of dust become clearer in the sunlight which means, you can remove the stains with great ease. More on, the sunlight helps for soaking the water and you won’t have to put extra energy.

Use Lemon and a Microfiber Cloth!

If you want effective commercial window cleaning in Chelmsford then lemon must be included in the list. Isn’t it amazing? Get two small lemons and mix the juice of lemons into the water. Now take a microfiber cloth and dip into the lemon water. Cleaning dirty stains with this cloth would prove helpful because lemon fights with stains and grease over the glass. More on, the best thing is that it relocks the shiny appeal of glass and provides a great crystal clear view.

The above tips are suggested for all who do not want to buy expensive window cleaners from the market. So, make sure to follow each step wisely.

We all think lending large sums of money is a risk and no one wants to indulge their selves. We wish to minimize the risks; banks are incredibly attentive to checking the creditworthiness of customers. Though there are a lot of offers on the UK mortgage market today, banks often refuse to provide a loan due to several reasons. Most often, a mortgage cannot be received by individual entrepreneurs who do not have the status of a legal entity. This is because the income of this category of borrowers is practically not subject to verification. For the same reason, it would be rejected and otherwise, if you can confirm your income, then your chances will increase. In this blog, we are going to let you known the few reasons for mortgage refusal.

Those applicants for a loan are blacklisted who submit to the fake bank diplomas, employment records, false information about salary, place of employment, marital status. Even small differences can cause severe doubts about the decency of the recipient. Betraying the banks is impossible. Much more likely in this case to get into the blacklist. Mortgage Brokers in Northampton don’t do such things for application approval. They believe in the fair process and doesn’t matter how much longer it would be, but their relations won’t put you in long wait

The reason for the refusal in the mortgage can be a negative credit history, even if not in the bank where it is planned to receive the loan, as well as the presence of outstanding loans.

Low income

 It is essential for the bank that the borrower has the opportunity to repay the loan make timely payments in a certain amount, and let us say if you confirm the income of 500 dollars a month and the monthly payment is 600 dollars, then you will be refused. Here you can extend the loan term to reduce the amount of the monthly fee.

Education and profession

 This is a controversial point, but some banks consider it essential to have higher education as a kind of guarantee on the labor market and higher wages. Professions where paying a good salary on average in the market are more acceptable than low-paid and risky ones

Real estate

 It is very risky for a bank to lend real estate. It is more convenient for the bank to give credit for liquid objects that can be quickly sold in case of withdrawal from the debtor.

These are the few reasons for mortgage denial. Get the help of professional brokers. They would let you know about all the details rather than putting you in any trouble.

Choosing a ladder is an essential feature of loft hatch, and there would be some things that we need to consider, but when it comes to its selection, then we need to consider the following things. Check out the following things. We all invest a huge amount in aesthetic loft design or loft hatches, but if we won’t get the right ladder, then something would be missed in the appearance. Check this out

Selection of Right size

The very first thing we need to do is to measure the loft space that is required by ladder size. Different type of loft ladder dimensions are available to choose, and it is essential to get the right size of the ladder that must fit with attic. Make sure you know either you need three segments or 4 segment ladder depending on the size of your space. Get the help of experts who would let you know the right size of the ladder.

Easy Installation

Another thing that we need to consider is to ensure the ease of installation. It is essential to understand the better design would be much easier to install. Yes, it is time-saving for the installer and results would be cost saving for the residents. Complicated designs won’t be easy to install. Loft ladders Essex are designed by ensuring easy installation and making it easier for residents.


We can’t overlook the safety factor because when it comes to security, we need to remember the various aspects and all aspects are not the same. For protection, we need to consider slip-resistant grips that need to be positioned within the step for stability. Recessed Locking system would ensure it stay locked in place until released. A pre-fitted handrail provides the essential grip for ascending & descending the ladder. There would be minimal chances of getting stumble. We all need to keep in mind the safety aspects of loft conversions.

Energy efficiency

The very first thing that would come to our mind is to make it energy efficient. It has been figured out that average home heat is lost through the loft space. Expert always suggests best energy efficiency options to save energy cost. Make sure always select those options that are fully insulated trap door with a low u-value and continuous seal for extra insulation. Energy efficient options are good to know for everyone.

These are the important aspects that need to consider for buying loft ladders. Get the right help from experts who would tell us about all ins and outs. Keep all the aspects in consideration for the better option.

loft boarding

We all are heading towards that solution that can give us broaden space. For storing clutter, we must have a space for storage. How many of you have an idea about loft? Unused space is a loft, and for storing numerous things, we can use the attic as an ideal solution. We need to make space and for this full loft conversion is the thing that everyone is looking for, Loft boarded is the something that can help out for having best insulation. Let me add some details for types of boarding because nowadays numerous types of boarding your loft are available. Few ones are simpler & cheaper. Let’s take a look at that first. You would see the following types of boarding in the following section

  • What if we lay simple chipboard directly on joist that would be cost effective and you can hire some experts for this. Experts would recommend the better way of insulation that might be possible to prevent condensation
  • We can go with insulation boarding that is laid over joist to patch up with insulation depth. Insulation boards are much expensive and solve airflow issues.
  • Floor level can be raised up by fastening counter boards for topping up the joists on them. It will allow enough space. Best for insulation & airflow

The main question here arises what would be the cost of such boarding lofts. Different companies of Loft boarding in Essex have different estimates. In the UK 18mm chipboard is readily available in between 10 to 15 pounds, and if the sheet is needed more than 600mm, then it would be available in 20pounds. For flooring fitted professionally, it will cost you from materials & labor expense as well. Average loft storage requirement or quantity effect on prices. Get the best option that suits your budget. People may have found several difficulties in finding different reasonable solutions, and the competitive one would be achieved by standard companies that grab people attention.